Free power to use whenever you want? Yes, we do that

You could Outsmart Winter with free power too

Heat the house, run the dryer or bake for the week – the choice is yours!

Power Shout is our most-loved reward. No surprise, we gift customers free hours of power to use however and whenever they want.* Save your hours for one big Power Shout, or take lots of little ones.

Our Energy IQ app makes it super easy to book.

Don’t miss out. Outsmart Winter with us and enjoy some free power.

Book your Power Shout in Energy IQ

Energy IQ is where you book a Power Shout. It also helps you to make better energy decisions. Spot a power guzzler, pay your bills, order gas refills or compare your usage with similar households. Easy.

Dual Fuel

Get an extra 5% discount when you have power and gas with us.