Waikaremoana Power Scheme

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The Waikaremoana Power Scheme is located between Te Urewera National Park and Wairoa, along the upper 7km of the Waikaretaheke River.

The 138MW hydro scheme comprises three power stations – Kaitawa (36MW), Tuai (60MW) and Piripaua (42MW).

Water is taken from Lake Waikaremoana via tunnels to Kaitawa Power Station, before being discharged into Lake Kaitawa. Water is then passed through Tuai Power Station and discharged into Lake Whakamarino. From there, water is carried by tunnel to Piripaua Power Station and is discharged into the Waikaretaheke River.

Description of the Waikaremoana Power Scheme:

Waikaremoana Power Scheme Stations

Year Commissioned

Tuai - 1929

Piripaua - 1943

Kaitawa - 1948

Total Capacity

Tuai - 60MW

Piripaua - 42MW

Kaitawa - 36MW

Generation Units:

Tuai - Three 20MW units

Piripaua - Two 21 MW units

Kaitawa - Two 18MW units

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