Vulnerable Care Package

We know this is a stressful time for many of our customers who may be worrying about the impact COVID-19 will have on their finances, families, businesses and health. We’re in this together and here’s how we can help and support you through these uncertain times.

Genesis provides a wide range of services to support those who are medically dependent, or who simply need help controlling and managing their power bills, including those customers affected by COVID-19. Contact us on 0800 300 400 or Live Chat with us Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm.

If you just need a bit more time to pay your bill, you can request a 14-day extension through Energy IQ, you can also use our IVR on 0800 300 400.


Other support is available

The 2020 Winter Energy Payment offered by the Government has doubled, benefits are increasing and WINZ can help with COVID-19 financial assistance.

  • Winter Energy Payment: To help with managing your energy bill through Winter the Government has doubled the 2020 Winter Energy Payment for in response to COVID-19. It’s now $40.91 a week for singles and $63.64 a week for couples or families and is paid as part of the regular WINZ payment for those who are eligible from 1 May through 1 October. For more information check out WINZ: Winter Energy Payment.
  • Benefits have increased: From 1 April all main benefits will increase by $25.
  • COVID-19 Financial Assistance: Anyone impacted by COVID-19 should get in touch with WINZ to discuss options for financial assistance. You’d don’t have to be a currently eligible for a benefit to receive assistance. Find out more on the Government’s COVID-19 financial assistance page.