Tongariro recreational releases

Recreational releases and flushing flows

Genesis Energy's resource consents for the Tongariro Power Scheme require recreational flow releases from Rangipo Dam, Poutu Intake and Whakapapa Intake, as well as flushing flow releases from Moawhango Dam.

Assess the conditions for yourself before entering the river, and please ensure anyone using the river is aware of these flow changes.

Stop the spread of freshwater pests!

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All equipment that has come from any other fresh waterway (regardless of island) must be decontaminated using approved methods (see CheckCleanDry) before entering the river.

Please do not rely on the ‘dry' method alone as the inside of kayaks take a very long time to dry out!

Cleaning solution is available at the entry and exit points during recreational releases.


Moawhango Dam flushing flow releases

Flows of 26 cubic metres per second for up to 9 hours are released from Moawhango Dam as required by Genesis Energy's resource consents for the Tongariro Power Scheme. The purpose of the flows is to improve the ecology of the river. As the Moawhango River flows into the Rangitikei River, the flushing flows result in an increased flow in both rivers. Consequently high flows will be experienced on both these rivers on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 13 December, 2017 (9 hours)
  • Wednesday 24 January, 2018 (5 hours)
  • Wednesday 14 February, 2018 (5 hours)
  • Wednesday 14 March, 2018 (5 hours)
  • Wednesday 18 April, 2018 (5 hours)

Rangipo Dam recreational releases (Access 13 and 14)

Flows of 30 cubic metres per second for 8 hours will be released from Rangipo Dam between 8am and 4pm on the following dates:

  • Sunday 11 February, 2018
  • Sunday 29 April, 2018
  • Sunday 16 September, 2018

Tongariro River below Poutu Intake recreational releases (Access 10)

Flows of 30 cubic metres per second for 6 hours will be released from Poutu Intake into the Tongariro River between 9am and 3pm on the following dates:

  • Saturday 10 February, 2018
  • Saturday 28 April, 2018
  • Saturday 15 September, 2018

Whakapapa River below Whakapapa Intake recreational releases

The natural flow of the Whakapapa River will be released downstream of the Whakapapa Intake for 8 hours between 9am and 5pm on the following dates:

  • Saturday 1 September, 2018
  • Saturday 8 September, 2018
  • Saturday 22 September, 2018
  • Sunday 29 September, 2018

1. Recreational releases from Whakapapa Intake require a minimum flow of 16 cumecs in the Whakapapa River. If there is still insufficient flow, then the event is cancelled.
2. Please check the WWNZ website for details on the release. Updates on the likelihood of the release are posted 24 hours prior to the event and the final decision is made on the morning of the release.

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