Environmental initiatives at Tongariro

Genesis Energy recognises that it is not appropriate to simply address the effects of its operation based on resource consent and mitigation requirements.

We are therefore striving to create a more holistic approach to our environmental management, whilst still maintaining our commitment to the local community. The key environmental initiative at the Tongariro Power Scheme is the education programme at Tongariro National Trout Centre near Turangi.

Taupo for Tomorrow education programme

Taupo For Tomorrow - Genesis Energy NZ

In 2013 Genesis Energy renewed a sponsorship agreement with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Tongariro National Trout Centre Society for a further three-year term. The sponsorship agreement is primarily focussed on the Taupo for Tomorrow education programme and also provides additional funding for advocacy at the wider Tongariro National Trout Centre.

The education programme has been running since 2004 and Genesis Energy has been the primary sponsor since this time.

Run by Department of Conservation educator, Mike Nicholson, the programme offers schools the opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience at the Trout Centre aimed at building their understanding of fresh water ecology. Catering for Year 1 to 13, the programmes are customised when necessary to fit the needs of the students and are linked to the National Curriculum. All programmes are based upon the theme of sustainability in relation to the Taupo fishery resource and associated freshwater environments.

Over 3,000 students participate in the programme each year. In addition to this, Mike is involved in the LEARNZ on-line virtual reality field trips which reach out to thousands of learners throughout the country.

For more information about the education programme and bookings please contact:

Mike Nicholson
Taupo Fishery Area Educator
Department of Conservation
Email - [email protected]
Phone - 07 3869246
Fax - 07 3867086

John Ball Productions DVDs

Underground Tunnelling for Power DVD - The Tongariro Power Project

Underground Tunnelling For Power DVD - Genesis Energy NZ

"There is no more rugged breed of man than the New Zealand tunneller...... a tough, phlegmatic individual devoted to his craft and dedicated to the task on digging into the earth so that people on the surface can enjoy the benefits of modern science."

Underground - Tunnelling for Power is the story of Kiwi and the many immigrant Itallian tunnellers who worked in some of the most difficult and hazardous conditions imaginable to drive the 50 km of tunnels and build the vast underground power station at Rangipo. The film features many of the underground workers telling their personal stories of their experiences, their challenges and the special camaraderie that developed amongst these men which still lasts to this day.

DVD's cost $40 each and can be purchased from John Ball.

Phone 07 386 5138 or email [email protected].

The Kerry Scott Story DVD

The Kerry Scott Story DVD - Genesis Energy NZ

Kerry Scott, a civil engineer, originally from Scotland arrived in Turangi, NZ in 1957. He spent the next 25 years working on the Tongariro Power Development, one of the countries largest civil engineering projects. As Investigations Engineer, then Resident Construction Engineer and finally Project Construction Engineer. Kerry dedicated his life to this huge project. Kerry made Turangi, a brand new town his home, becoming an integral part of the community and was awarded an OBE in 2008 for his services to soccer.

DVD's can be purchased for $40 each from John Ball.

Phone 07 386 5138 or email [email protected].

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