Tongariro power scheme monitoring sites

The Tongariro Power Scheme is located in the Central North Island and utilises water from 36 rivers and streams. The area is renowned for its dual status as the Tongariro National Park and World Heritage Site.

River conditions can change very quickly, so the data is updated on this website every 15 minutes. Please monitor the conditions regularly before embarking on any water-based activities. Flow data is also available from the Genesis Energy flow phone 07 386 8113.

Note: the hydrology data on this website is provided for general information purposes only.  The data shows rainfall and river flow information, it is not a forecasting tool. River users should check rainfall and river flow data, alongside weather forecasts to make a decision about whether it is safe to enter waterways.

Click the orange text on the map below to access hydrology information for the Tongariro Power Scheme. For more information on the Tongariro Power Scheme click here.

If you have questions or comments you can contact Genesis Energy's Hydrology Staff.

Tongariro Power Scheme Map - Genesis Energy NZWhanganui at Te Maire flow rate Whanganui River below Piriaka flow rate Tongariro River at Turangi flow rate Whakapapa River at footbridge flow rate Tongariro at Poutu Intake flow rate Tongariro at Rangipo flow rate Tongariro River at Waipakihi flow rate Moawhango River at Waiouru flow rate Moawhango River at Moawhango flow rate Lake Rotoaira at lakge guage lake level Lake Otamangakau at Dam lake level Turangi rainfall Ruatahuna rainfall Karikaringa rainfall Waipakihi rainfall Tukino rainfall
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