Control-a-bill payment option terms and conditions

As at 25 September 2020

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  1. Control-a-bill is a payment option where your annual energy usage is estimated in advance, and divided up throughout the next 12 month period, into regular fixed payments on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (each fixed payment being your "Control-a-bill Amount").
  2. If you are an existing customer, your Control-a-bill Amount will:
    1. Be calculated based on your energy consumption in the 12 months prior to your application for Control-a-bill. If you have not been a Genesis Energy customer for 12 months, the amount will be calculated based on your usage since becoming a Genesis Energy customer; and
    2. Take into account any balance on your account at the date of calculation. If your account is in credit or debit, the fixed Control-a-bill Amount may be adjusted accordingly.
    3. If you are a new customer, your Control-a-bill Amount will be estimated based on the information you provide to us during your application process either online on the "Control-a-bill Calculator" or over the phone.
  3. Control-a-bill payments can only be made via fixed-amount direct debits. You cannot use any other payment method.
  4. We will monitor your energy consumption at least once every 12 months to ensure that it aligns with your Control-a-bill Amount, subject to seasonal changes. We will contact you if it requires an adjustment. You should also review your energy consumption and contact us if you think your Control-a-bill Amount should be changed or if you want to change the frequency of your payments.
  5. Following a review of your actual energy consumption, we may refund any credit balance at our discretion. We may also change your Control-a-bill Amount and will notify you at least 10 days prior to the date any new Control-a-bill Amount takes effect.
  6. We will send you an invoice on a monthly basis regardless of whether you pay your Control-a-bill Amount weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Your invoice will have an additional line item which is your Control-a-bill Amount.
  7. Scheduled Control-a-bill payments can be deferred by up to 5 business days. The prompt payment discount will continue to apply to a payment deferred in accordance with this clause. We may cancel, or you may request to cancel the Control-a-bill arrangement at any time. If there is a debt owing on your account this will be added to your next month's invoice.
  8. If you miss a scheduled Control-a-bill Payment, the amount owing will be added to your next invoice. A dishonour fee may also be applied to your account and will be added to your next bill.