No Fixed Term 100 Offer – Terms and conditions as at 13 November 2017

Offer Details

  1. To be eligible for the No fixed term 100 Offer ("Offer"), you must:
    1. be on a standard single-phase residential connection and not a pre-paid customer, on an embedded network or a 2 to 8 kVa connection;
    2. be a current, Genesis electricity customer, or have been a Genesis electricity customer in the last three months, and have been made an offer by Genesis either by email, mail or phone regarding this Offer; and
    3. sign up, and remain signed up, to a no fixed term electricity plan on our standard rates ("Plan") within three months of closing your account.

  2. The Offer includes:
    1. $100 credit applied to your bill when you return to Genesis Energy within three months of closing your account.

  3. This Offer expires three months (90 Days) after the date the previous Genesis account was closed.

Eligibility, Exclusions, Termination and Expiry

  1. Genesis Energy Standard Terms & Conditions apply to your Plan.

  2. Your Plan will commence from the date you accept the Offer either online or by phone through our Customer Excellence Centre and will continue until terminated in accordance with Genesis Energy Standard Terms & Conditions.

  3. Any available prompt payment discount applies to your electricity bill and excludes LPG/Natural Gas supplied to you by Genesis Energy.

  4. The pricing provided for your Plan under the Offer is the standard applicable prices in effect at the time you sign up, based on your location, meter type and configuration. These prices may change during the term of your Plan.

  5. If it is subsequently found that you do not (or no longer) meet the eligibility criteria for the Offer (or your Plan) or if you move house, Genesis Energy may remove you from the Offer.

  6. If you move home, the standard prices for the network, meter type and pricing plan for your new home will apply for your Plan.

  7. This offer does not apply where:
    1. your previous account was terminated by Genesis in accordance with [GE Standard Terms]; or
    2. where Genesis Energy has previously provided you with energy [in the last 3 months] and you have transferred your energy services to another retailer.


  1. This Offer is not available in conjunction (in part or in whole) with any other offer from Genesis Energy unless previously agreed to.

  2. This Offer is not transferable, refundable or redeemable for cash.

  3. Genesis Energy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in any way up to the expiry of this Offer.

  4. If these terms are inconsistent with any of Genesis Energy’s other applicable terms and conditions as set out below, then these terms will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency, except to the extent that these terms are inconsistent with Genesis Energy’s Standard Terms and Conditions, then those Genesis Energy’s Standard Terms and Conditions will prevail.

  5. All new customer applications are subject to a credit check.

  6. If the Offer and/or Plan includes any bill credits, only one bill credit will be credited per customer and/or per home during the Offer period. Any bill credit includes GST.

  7. Entry into this Offer implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Offer.

  8. Genesis Energy’s Standard Terms and Conditions apply and, where applicable, Genesis Energy’s LPG Terms and Conditions, Genesis Energy’s Direct Debit and/or Credit Card Terms and Conditions; Genesis Energy’s Fly Buys Standard Terms and Conditions will also apply. Please refer to for further terms and conditions that may also apply to this Offer. Any changes to any such applicable terms and conditions during the period of your fixed term will not take effect until after your initial fixed term has expired, unless such changes are imposed by law.