Genesis Energy Standard Terms & Conditions

Genesis Energy terms and conditions effective on 17 November 2017.


These are the terms of your relationship with Genesis Energy. In remaining, or becoming, a Genesis Energy customer, you and Genesis Energy agree to these terms and conditions, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

These terms and conditions are a legally binding document between you and us .

These terms and conditions are effective from 17 October 2017. However, if you are an existing Genesis Energy customer on 17 October 2017, these terms and conditions will apply to you from 17 November 2017, unless you are on a fixed term contract, and then these terms and conditions will apply when your fixed term contract expires. These terms and conditions replace any previous agreement(s) we have with you .

These terms and conditions apply to both electricity and reticulated natural gas and LPG supplied to you by us. Separate terms and conditions apply to the supply of bottled LPG and prepay electricity.

Where we have used words in bold in these terms and conditions, they have a special meaning and are defined at the end of these terms and conditions.

If you wish to contact us, please:

  • write to us at:

Genesis Energy
Private Bag 3131
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240

  • Or fax us on 0800 110 999
  • Or email us at [email protected]
  • or call our Customer Excellence Team on:

0800 300 400 if  you  are a residential customer; or

0800 600 900 if you are a business customer.

We will try to respond to any written enquiries as soon as reasonably possible.

Depending on levels of customer enquiries at the time we receive your enquiry, we expect to respond to your enquiry within two business days.