Tekapo Power Scheme Environmental

Genesis Energy communicates its environmental performance with stakeholders on a regular basis via both formal annual reporting and less formal processes such as meetings and newsletters.

Annual Environmental Report

Tekapo Power Scheme Environmental Report

An Annual Environmental Report (AER) is produced for the Tekapo Power Scheme each year. The purpose of the AER is to update communities and stakeholders on the wide range of activities which occur at the Tekapo Power Scheme. The report:

  • Provides an overview of resource consent compliance at the Tekapo Power Scheme;
  • Provides an update on monitoring and research programmes;
  • Reports back on key projects;
  • Reports on community and environmental initiatives;
  • Defines environmental objectives at the Tekapo Power Scheme for the next 12 months.

Genesis Energy aims to be accessible to the public, to address issues as they arise and to develop closer working relationships within the communities in which it operates.

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Community meetings

An annual community meeting will be held at Lake Tekapo. These meetings are usually held in October and are notified to as many interested parties as Genesis Energy is aware of.

Environmental Mitigation at Tekapo

Genesis Energy has ongoing mitigation responsibilities in relation to the consented activities at the Tongariro Power Scheme. Genesis Energy's Environmental Management Framework details the company's approach to environmental management including mitigation. The current environmental mitigation projects at the Tekapo Power Scheme include:

  • Recreational flows in the Tekapo River and Canoe Course (New Zealand Canoeing Association, Tekapo Whitewater Trust and Whitewater NZ)
  • Project River Recovery - a Department of Conservation initiative, in partnership with Meridian Energy
  • Lake Alexandrina Fishery Enhancement Project (Fish and Game)
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