Tekapo Canal Access


Enjoy your visit to the Tekapo Canal. Please respect other canal users by observing the following:

  • Take all rubbish with you.
  • Toilet and car parking facilities are provided at both ends of the Tekapo Canal - please use them.
  • Boating, swimming, overnight camping and fires are prohibited.
Tekapo Canal Access - Genesis Energy NZ

Gates and bicycle "squeeze" barriers are installed along the length of the Tekapo Canal to allow access to the south side of the Canal, providing cyclists and walkers an alternative scenic access from Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki.

Vehicle access to the canal road for the public is maintained to around 7 km downstream of Tekapo A Power Station, and also around the head pond above Tekapo B Power Station to a point about 4 km upstream of the head pond.

We take precautions to close the road during periods of high winds and adverse weather conditions or for operational purposes.

Tekapo Canal Access Map - Genesis Energy NZ
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