Switch Save Easy Bottled Gas - Terms and conditions from 1 February 2018

  1. To be eligible for the Switch Save Easy 2018 Offer ("Offer"), you must: :
    1. be a new Genesis Energy residential LPG customer; and
    2. sign up to the Bottled Gas Smart Plan between 01 February 2018 and close of business 30 June 2018 for your primary residence; and
    3. have and retain during the offer term, a minimum of two 45kg LPG gas bottles;
    4. use LPG bottled gas for hot water and/or space heating;
    5. Place your first bottle order of a minimum of 2 bottles on or before 31 July 2018.
  2. If it is subsequently found that you do not meet the above eligibility criteria or if you move house, Genesis Energy may remove you from the Offer. In those circumstances, subject to meeting Genesis Energy's acceptance criteria, you may be offered another Genesis Energy LPG Plan.
The offer includes