Kaipūtaiao Ao Tūroa

Environmental Advisor |
Kaipūtaiao Ao Tūroa


An environmental advisor is responsible for ensuring that the company meet our environmental obligations to our hapū, iwi and other environmental stakeholders. They liase with site teams to implement environmental guidelines, ensuring we can continue to generate energy and keep the lights on in Aotearoa.

This field of work is growing as we learn more about how the natural world is impacted by civilisation so those with scientific knowledge of the environment and an understanding of tikanga Māori are well suited to work as an environmental advisor in the energy sector.

Working Environment| Wāhi mahi

Environmental Advisors are primarily based at our power schemes and spend most of their time in the office. However, they regularly travel to and around our generation assets to carry out monitoring, data analysis and meet with stakeholders.

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Environmental advisors do most of their work with a laptop and headset where they have regular meetings with stakeholders and use different platforms to document information.


Environmental advisors typically wear clothes for the office but occasionally you’ll see them bust out their boots and hi-vis to head out on-site.

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