Is Solar Right for You?

Is someone home during the day?
Is someone home during the day?

Solar generates energy during daylight hours. Is there anyone home to use it?

Do you have electric hot water?
Do you have electric hot water?

This can account for up to 30% of your energy bill and partners well with solar.

Is your roof in good condition?
Is your roof in good condition?

Solar panels can last for 25 years. Will your roof last that long?

Do you have a large roof area?
Do you have a large roof area?

North facing is best but east and west can work.

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions and you own the house, then solar could be a good fit for you.

Genesis Solar

For more information on how solar works and things to consider please fill in your e-mail address to download a copy of our solar brochure.

If you are a current Genesis Solar customer you can get in touch with our team at [email protected]

Electricity Buy Back – HomeGen

HomeGen is for customers who generate their own electricity and wish to sell the electricity they don't use back to the grid. It’s an add on to your pricing plan. We pay you 8 cents per kWh of energy exported to the grid with the total for your billing period showing as a separate credit line on your bill.

It’s available to Genesis electricity customers who have approved generation equipment (such as solar, wind or micro-hydro) installed, which produces less than 50 kW output.

To get set up for HomeGen you need your generation equipment and an import/export meter, also known as a two- way meter. This meter  will replace your existing meter(s). There could be additional charges to set you up, including costs from your network company to connect your generation equipment to the grid.

To order your import/export meter and get paid for your excess solar electricity you produce, complete the HomeGen application form here.

If you need help with this process, please get in touch [email protected]

HomeGen Terms and Conditions apply.


Is my house suitable for solar?

What is the buyback rate?

How much will I save?

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