With you, we’ll make energy technology better

For you, we’ll put the power in your hands

Energy is changing, so we’re changing too. Instead of just working for you, we are changing so we can also work with you.

With you, we’ll be able to achieve big things, like creating a more sustainable future. For you, we can take steps toward that future. For instance, we can educate the next generation of innovators to be more than just users of energy. We can show them how they can make it, control it, store it and share it too.

School-gen is our way of inspiring children to become energy pioneers. Since 2006 we have given all New Zealand schools open access to our School-gen education programme. School-gen has gifted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to more than 90 schools so the kids can see in ‘real time’ how much electricity their panels are generating. It’s a fun way for kids to learn about different ways in which energy can be generated and managed.

See how much electricity school-gen schools are generating right now.