Business Price Change FAQ's

Why are my prices changing?

The changes are required to cover Genesis Energy's increased operational and metering costs, as well as variations in the cost of delivering electricity to you. Some of these come in part from the network lines company.

When will my prices change?

The new prices will be effective on 8 May 2017

How much will my bill change?

To determine the change in your bill there are many factors, such as your consumption of electricity and the region you are in, and these make every customer's change different.

The easiest way to estimate your change is to look at a current bill, then use the new charges from our notification and multiply the same way as your bill does, including adding GST. The difference between the two will show you the change for that month's bill, as an example. Don't forget that your Prompt Payment Discount will be applied when you pay your bill in full on time. This is a guide only.

What is PowerFreeze?

With PowerFreeze*, you can fix your new electricity prices for 24 months. We guarantee the Genesis Energy portion of your electricity prices will not change for two years.  Changes in the rates from your network lines company including transmission charges, and any applicable electricity levies may still be passed through to you during the fixed term.

*PowerFreeze terms and conditions and cancellations fees apply. T&C's

Understanding my bill

Your Genesis Energy bill consists of different charges.  These charges include the actual energy you consume as well as various charges from your network lines company and transmission charges.  If you would like to learn more about the components of your bill, you can view these online at

If you have any questions about your price change, or to sign up to PowerFreeze, our dedicated team is here to help. Please call us on 0800 600 900, or email