Special Fees

We sometimes have to bill for services over and above your normal power or gas supply charges.

So to help avoid unexpected costs, we have listed our service fee pricing schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a copy of this fee schedule, please call us on 0800 300 400.


Changes to Our Service Fees

We sometimes have to bill for services over and above your normal power or gas supply charges. We’ve reviewed our current service fees and have made some changes to ensure we cover the costs of work carried out by our third party contractors. Our new service fees come into effect on 20 Feb 2020.

Special Fees
Meter fees
All prices include GST
Electricity Electricity from 20/02/20 Gas Gas from 20/02/20
Final meter reading fee $25.55 $34.50 $25.55 $34.50
Special meter reading fee $25.55 $34.50 $25.55 $34.50
Disconnection - Standard Meter (includes standard reconnection fee) $155.00 $192.00 $155.00 $192.00
Disconnection - Advanced Meter (includes standard reconnection fee) $20.00 $29.00    
After-hours reconnection $130.00 $225.00 $130.00 $225.00
Reconnection only $90.00 $105.00 $90.00 $105.00
Permanent disconnection $140.00 $180.00 Quoted Quoted
Temporary disconnect and reconnect for safety Quoted Quoted Quoted Quoted
Meter site verification $140.00 $180.00 $140.00 $180.00
Meter accuracy test (per meter)* $250.00 $315.00 $250.00 $315.00
Meter resealing fee $115.00 $150.00 $115.00 $150.00
Meter relocation / shifts $180.00 $230.00 Quoted Quoted
Combine and centralise metering $180.00 $230.00 Quoted Quoted
Meter replacement $180.00 $230.00 Quoted Quoted
Meter configuration change $180.00 $230.00 Quoted Quoted
Meter capacity change (Upgrade/Downgrade) $180.00 $230.00    
Remote registers Quoted Quoted Quoted Quoted
New connection $322.00 $322.00 Quoted Quoted
Attendance fee $70.00 $92.00 $70.00 $92.00


Gas meter and service removal     Quoted Quoted
Site revisit     $70.00 $92.00
Gas meter remove / alter / change     Quoted Quoted
Gas hang meter     Quoted Quoted

LPG and Bottled Gas

Special/Urgent Delivery - Mon-Fri, Weekends & Stat. Hols**.     $230.00 $230.00
Lost or stolen cylinder     $189.75 $189.75
Additional bottle charge for Bottled Gas Control plan     $105.00 $105.00

Distributed Generation

Meter and installation fee $100.00 $127.00    


Payment dishonour $10.22 $10.22 $10.22 $10.22
Payment Administration Fee (for payment made over the counter) $1.20 $1.40 $1.20 $1.40
Credit card processing fee 0.7% of total payment 1.0% of total payment 0.7% of total payment 1.0% of total payment
Debt recovery agency fees Quoted Quoted Quoted Quoted
Broken payment arrangement fee $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00

Other important information

  • Additional fees may apply for other related services not listed on this pricing schedule. These services will be priced on application.
  • Our service fee pricing schedule relates to services that are not part of your everyday power or gas supply.
  • Prices include GST.
  • The Prompt Payment Discount does not apply to Special Fees.
  • Prices are effective 13 August 2015 and are subject to change in accordance with
    Genesis Energy's terms and conditions for energy supply.
  • Quoted means a price will be given to you when the service is required. Multiple ICPs may incur additional charges.

    ** A special/urgent delivery fee is charged for deliveries made outside your scheduled delivery days.  Please call us to confirm we can make an urgent gas bottle delivery to your property as this may not be possible during busy periods.  If a partially used gas bottle is returned, Genesis will not refund the unused portion of gas.