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Understanding bottled gas (LPG) pricing

Bottled gas pricing is made up of two costs which are outlined below.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of what makes up your bottled gas bill in our FAQs.

With our bottled gas pricing you'll:

  • Pay a $11.00 (incl gst) monthly rental for two 45kg bottles at the end of your first month or when you place an order, whichever is the earliest, and
  • Pay $120.00 (incl gst) per 45kg gas bottle refill charge each time you order

The price you pay for bottled gas is made up of many different parts – everything from the cost of producing the gas and getting it to your home, right through to managing your account.

Note: If you're a dual fuel customer you'll receive an additional 5% discount and your monthly rental charges and gas bottle refill charges will be on one bill along with your electricity charges.