Park your prices 12/18 - Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for the Park your prices 12/18 months offer ("Offer"), you must:
    1. be on a standard single-phase residential connection and not a pre-paid customer, on an embedded network or a 2 to 8 kVa connection; and
    2. sign up to a:
      1. 12 month; or
      2. 18 month

    fixed term electricity and/or natural gas plan ("Plan"), which will commence from the date you accept the Offer either online or by phone through our Customer Excellence Centre.

  2. The Offer includes fixed electricity and natural gas prices (only the per unit variable charge and daily fixed charge are fixed) during the 12 or 18 month (as applicable) fixed term of the Plan.
  3. This Offer expires on 11 December 2017.
Eligibility, Exclusions, Termination and Expiry