PowerFreeze, GasFreeze and LPGFreeze terms and conditions

As of 24 December 2020

Offer eligibility

  1. To be eligible for any of the PowerFreeze, GasFreeze or LPGFreeze plans (“Offer”), you must be:
    1. a Genesis Energy business customer,
    2. and your business site/s must have no requirement for interval metering.
  2. The PowerFreeze and GasFreeze plans include:
    1. fixed pricing for 12 or 24 months. For the Genesis Energy component of your pricing (including the per unit variable charge and daily fixed charge) for the 12 or 24-month term of the plan.
    2. Genesis Energy component of the Daily Fixed Charge and the Variable Rate are fixed for the term of the agreement, but network/distribution (lines) company’s charges and any applicable levies included in the Daily Fixed Charge and the Variable Rate(s) may change during the term of the agreement and may be passed on to you.
    3. a prompt payment discount as included in the quote.
  3. The LPGFreeze plan includes fixed pricing for 24 months for the bottle refill and standard delivery charge (per 45kg bottle) and fixed annual bottle rental charge, for the 24-month term of the plan.

Eligibility, exclusions, termination and expiry

  1. Genesis Energy must receive your completed form or phone application within any applicable timeframe included in your quote.
  2. The pricing provided under the Offer is based on your location, meter type and configuration. If it is subsequently found out that you do not (or no longer) meet the above eligibility criteria or if you move premise, Genesis Energy may remove you from the Offer. In those circumstances, subject to meeting Genesis Energy’s acceptance criteria, you may be offered (as applicable) Genesis Energy’s:
    1. standard pricing for your network, pricing plan and meter type on its standard terms and conditions of energy supply; and/or
    2. standard pricing for your natural gas region on its standard terms and conditions of energy supply.
  3. If, before the end of the term, you:
    1. Switch from, or stop getting your energy supply from Genesis Energy;
    2. Change your meter type or configuration;
    3. Change premises,
    4. Genesis Energy may charge you:
      1. an early cancellation fee of up to $300 (excluding GST) per ICP for a 12-month term OR up to $600 (excluding GST) per ICP for a 24-month term, which will be charged to your Genesis Energy bill, plus (where relevant);
      2. repayment of any credit that may have been applied to the first bill on the current plan. The full value of the credit will be payable if you terminate the agreement within 3 months of the date of your first bill or on a pro-rata basis thereafter if the agreement is terminated after 3 months of the date of your first bill. This amount will be applied to your Genesis Energy bill.
  4. If Genesis Energy is unable to supply the applicable energy at your new premises, Genesis Energy will not charge you an early cancellation fee.
  5. Fixed prices do not apply:
    1. If Genesis Energy discovers an error in the prices;
    2. To Genesis Energy's special fees and charges;
    3. To any government, regulatory, industry body levies and/or charges;
    4. If any information you gave us is incorrect;
    5. If any information relating to your meter type is incorrect;
    6. If your meter type or pricing plans changes; and/or
    7. unless otherwise stated, if you move premises, in which case the standard prices for the network, meter type and pricing plan for your new premises will apply for the remainder of the term.
  6. At the expiry of the Offer, you will be charged the standard applicable prices in effect at that time.


  1. This Offer is not available in conjunction (in part or in whole) with any other offer from Genesis Energy unless previously agreed to.
  2. This Offer is not transferable, refundable nor redeemable for cash.
  3. Genesis Energy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in any way up to the expiry of this Offer.
  4. If these terms are inconsistent with any of Genesis Energy's other applicable terms and conditions as set out below, then these terms will prevail to the extent of any consistency, except to the extent that these terms are inconsistent with Genesis Energy's Standard Terms and Conditions, then those Genesis Energy's Standard Terms and Conditions will prevail.
  5. All new customer applications are subject to a credit check.
  6. If the Offer and/or plan includes any bill credits, only one bill credit will be credited per customer and/or per premises during the Offer period.
  7. Entry into this Offer confirms full acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of the Offer.
  8. Genesis Energy's Standard Terms and Conditions apply and, where applicable, Genesis Energy's LPG Terms and Conditions, Genesis Energy's Direct Debit and/or Credit Card Terms and Conditions will also apply. Please refer to www.genesisenergy.co.nz/terms for further terms and conditions that may also apply to this Offer. Any changes to any such applicable terms and conditions during the period of your fixed term will not take effect until after your initial fixed term has expired, unless such changes are imposed by law.

*ICP means the Installation Control Point. An ICP is a physical point of connection on a local network or an embedded network that the distributor nominates as the point at which a retailer will be deemed to supply electricity to a consumer.