For Dairy terms and conditions

As of 24 December 2020

Offer eligibility

  1. To be eligible for the For Dairy plan ("Plan"):
    1. You must be an existing or a new to Genesis business customer whose primary business purpose is Dairy Farming in New Zealand;
    2. You must have an eligible meter installed at your premises;
    3. Genesis must receive acceptance of your Genesis Quote Summary (“Quote”) within the applicable timeframe as stated in your Quote (or any applicable timeframe as agreed by Genesis).
  2. The term of the Plan is 12 or 24 months (“Term”) and includes during the Term:
    1. Differing Genesis energy rates based on “peak”, “off-peak” and “shoulder” periods over a 24-hour period. These rates differ between weekdays and weekends and between summer and winter periods which are set out in the quote supplied to you.
    2. Your pricing is made up of:
      1. a Genesis component. This is set out under the “Genesis Pricing” section of your Quote and will be fixed for the Term of your plan;
      2. A separate network component. The current network charges are set out under the “Network Charges” section of the price sheet provided to you at sign up and can be found at the bottom of this page and is made up of all applicable network/distribution charges, levies and lines losses that will be passed through to you at cost where practical. Where it is not practical, Genesis shall apply an estimate of that applicable charge to your bill based on data available for your connection. The network component of your pricing is subject to change during the term of your plan.

Eligibility, exclusions, termination and expiry

  1. You must have an eligible meter installed at your premises. Export meters are excluded from the Plan.
  2. If you are currently in a fixed term plan with Genesis, and that plan is subject to a termination fee, and you sign up to the Plan, the termination fee for your existing plan will be waived.
  3. The pricing provided under the Plan is based on your location, current usage, meter type and configuration. If it is subsequently found out that;
    1. you do not (or no longer) meet the above eligibility criteria;
    2. you change your meter type or configuration, or;
    3. we are not able to capture your half hourly electricity usage data and we are not able to obtain a meter reading, for any reason, for a period of more than 65 days, then; Genesis may remove you from the Plan. In those circumstances, subject to meeting Genesis’ acceptance criteria, you will be offered (as applicable) Genesis’ standard pricing for your network, pricing plan and meter type on its standard terms and conditions of energy supply. Genesis will contact you prior to any plan changes.
  4. If, before the end of the term, you:
    1. Switch from, or stop getting your energy supply from Genesis Energy;
    2. Change your meter type or configuration to a non-eligible smart meter;
    3. Change premises; Genesis Energy may charge you an early cancellation fee of up to $600 (excluding GST) per ICP which will be charged to your Genesis Energy bill.
  5. Fixed prices do not apply:
    1. If Genesis discovers an error in the prices;
    2. To Genesis Energy’s special fees and charges;
    3. To any government, regulatory, industry body levies and/or charges;
    4. If any information you gave us is incorrect;
    5. If any information relating to your meter type is incorrect;
    6. If your meter type or pricing plans changes; and/or
    7. Unless otherwise stated, if you move premises, in which case the standard prices for the network, meter type and pricing plan for your new premises will apply for the remainder of the term.


  1. Genesis makes no representations as to the accuracy or fitness for purpose of any information provided to you in the quote, including any comparisons, such comparisons are for information purposes only.
  2. The measurement and subsequent billing of your electricity usage will be based on:
    1. For a smart meter, half hourly interval data captured;
    2. For a non-communicating meter, Genesis shall estimate your electricity usage based on our own assumed daily usage profile in combination with an estimated or actual meter reading.
  3. This Plan is not available in conjunction (in part or in whole) with any other offer from Genesis unless agreed to by Genesis. The Plan is not eligible for a prompt payment discount.
  4. Genesis reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in any way and at any time. If we amend these terms in a way that materially disadvantages you, then we will allow you to terminate this Plan without incurring any termination fees.
  5. If these terms are inconsistent with any of Genesis’ other applicable terms and conditions as set out below, then these terms will prevail to the extent of any consistency, except to the extent that these terms are inconsistent with the Genesis Standard Terms and Conditions, then those Genesis Standard Terms and Conditions will prevail.
  6. All new customer applications are subject to a credit check.
  7. Entry into this Plan confirms full acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of the Plan.
  8. Genesis’ Standard Terms and Conditions apply and, where applicable, the Genesis Direct Debit and/or Credit Card Terms and Conditions will also apply. Please refer to for further terms and conditions that may also apply to this Plan. Any changes to any such applicable terms and conditions during the period of your fixed term will not take effect until after your initial fixed term has expired, unless such changes are imposed by law.