Farm Source plans and offers special terms and conditions

These Special Conditions vary the Genesis Standard Terms and Conditions, the LPG Terms and Conditions or the Commercial Terms and Conditions, whichever is applicable, for the supply of energy and/or LPG (whichever is applicable) from Genesis (“we or us”) to you (“Customer”) as a customer of Farm Source.

  1. We will supply energy and/or LPG to you in accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions for Non-TOU metering, or Commercial Terms and Conditions for TOU metering, or LPG Terms and Conditions as varied by these Special Terms and Conditions (“Special Conditions”).
  2. We have responsibility for the supply and metering of energy and network services (if applicable). Farm Source has no control over this supply and therefore has no liability to you in relation to this supply or any of our actions.
  3. Prior to us supplying energy to you, we may require you to provide us with your energy usage details, by meter (ICP), for the previous twelve months.
  4. You will be charged the pricing as determined by us in accordance with your energy plan, which for Non-TOU metering other than For Dairy tariffs includes energy rates, network charges, local loss factors and metering charges. For TOU metering and For Dairy tariffs this includes only the energy rates, and all third party charges will be passed through at cost.
  5. A discount may be provided off your monthly energy charges at our absolute discretion (“Discount”). There is no applicable discount for TOU metering or For Dairy tariffs.
  6. The Discount will replace all other discounts or promotional offers you may currently receive from us and you will not be entitled to any other Genesis payment discounts that may be applicable to other Genesis customers who do not receive the benefit of the Discount.
  7. The Discount will only be available to you if you comply with Farm Source’s standard terms of account which include, but are not limited to, paying the energy account on your Farm Source monthly statement to Farm Source in full by the due date.
  8. We will send you an invoice each month showing the amounts owed by you to us, the payment of which will be in accordance with Clause (i) of these Special Conditions. 
  9. An invoice for all amounts owed by you to us will be sent to Farm Source each month. Farm Source will then include the amount due in the monthly statement you receive for your Farm Source account and shall be paid by you to Farm Source in accordance with Farm Source’s standard terms for the operation of that account. Farm Source will pay our invoice on your behalf in accordance with the terms and conditions of an agreement between us and Farm Source.
  10. If you do not pay the invoiced amount to Farm Source by the due date, then Farm Source may not pass on any Discount provided by us (in addition to any other action we and Farm Source are entitled to take). Farm Source may also instruct us that you are no longer to be supplied energy and/or LPG under these Special Conditions. Farm Source will not take this action without endeavouring to notify you of its intention to do so. Where this happens:
    1. We will also notify you of this change and of the terms (including pricing) on which we will be supplying energy and/or LPG to you and the date this change will take effect. You will have 30 days written notice if your pricing will increase as a result of this change.
    2. You must give us access to your meter(s) to conduct final meter readings. If you do not give this access, we may disconnect the supply of energy.
  11. You acknowledge and agree that if Farm Source fails to pay the amount of your invoice to us, we may suspend or disconnect your supply of energy until we are paid in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Genesis Standard Terms and Conditions, the LPG Terms and Conditions or the Commercial Terms and Conditions.
  12. The provisions of these Special Conditions will be terminated if:
    1. Clause (10) or (11) of these Special Conditions applies; or
    2. You cancel these arrangements by giving us and Farm Source at least ten business days written notice beforehand; or
    3. The agreement Farm Source has with us to procure the supply of energy and/or LPG for you is terminated or expires.
    4. If we remain your energy supplier after termination of these Special Conditions, your energy will be supplied by us subject to the applicable Genesis Energy Terms and Conditions, LPG Terms and Conditions or Commercial Terms and Conditions (without amendment by these Special Conditions) and our standard pricing applicable to the relevant network to which the point of supply is connected.