No Fixed Term 20 Plan Special Offer - Terms and conditions as at 7 November 2017

  1. To be eligible for the No Fixed Term 20 Plan Special Offer ("Offer"), you must:
    1. be on a standard single-phase residential connection and not a pre-paid customer, on an embedded network or a 2 to 8 kVa connection
    2. be a current Genesis Energy LPG customer and have been contacted by Genesis Energy either by email, mail or phone regarding this Offer; and
    3. sign up, and remain signed up, to a no fixed term electricity plan on our standard rates ("Plan") before 31 December 2017.
  2. The Offer includes:
    1. A 15% prompt payment discount for electricity prices (on our per unit variable charge and daily fixed charge) during your Plan when you pay your bill in full and on time; and
    2. $20 credit applied to your bill each month for the first 12 months of your Plan.
  3. This Offer expires on 31 December 2017.
Exclusions, Termination and Expiry