No Fixed Term 100 Offer – Terms and conditions as at 13 November 2017

Offer Details

  1. To be eligible for the No fixed term 100 Offer ("Offer"), you must:
    1. be on a standard single-phase residential connection and not a pre-paid customer, on an embedded network or a 2 to 8 kVa connection;
    2. be a current, Genesis electricity customer, or have been a Genesis electricity customer in the last three months, and have been made an offer by Genesis either by email, mail or phone regarding this Offer; and
    3. sign up, and remain signed up, to a no fixed term electricity plan on our standard rates ("Plan") within three months of closing your account.

  2. The Offer includes:
    1. $100 credit applied to your bill when you return to Genesis Energy within three months of closing your account.

  3. This Offer expires three months (90 Days) after the date the previous Genesis account was closed.
Eligibility, Exclusions, Termination and Expiry