Kaihangarau Take Pūhiko

Overview | He whakamārama

A systems technician, also known as an electrical engineering technician, work alongside engineers to carry out system upgrades and changes. They interpret the designs and instructions of electrical engineers and ensure they are adequately executed. They also install, test and maintain equipment that produces, uses or transmits power.

The Work | Ngā mahi

As a systems technician, you will:

  • Follow electrical plans and instructions
  • Install, repair, test and maintain test models of electrical systems
  • Support electrical engineers in the design of electrical installations and control circuits
  • Analyse and determine the condition of electrical equipment, ensuring compliance with safety standards
  • Build and maintain digital control systems that run our Power Stations
  • Working Environment | Wāhi mahi

    Systems technicians work on site at our Power Stations to carry out system upgrades and ensure the systems are running efficiently.

    Factory work environment
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    Tools and Equipment | Taputapu

    All sorts of equipment and tools are needed to carry out this role. These include current probes, voltage probes, wire strippers and electrical tape.


    You’ll catch systems technicians wearing steel cap boots, bright orange overalls and a hard hat to keep themselves safe.

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