Kaiwhakarite Tono Rawa

Overview | He whakamārama

A resource planning team manages the different types of work that needs to be undertaken and organises timing for it, ensuring there are adequate resources, both human and material, to carry out the work efficiently.

The Work | Ngā mahi

As a resource planner, you will:

  • Identify work that needs to be done across our generation schemes
  • Plan out and schedule the work
  • Ensure that all necessary resources including workers, equipment and permits are available
  • Engage external contractors to support with projects if required
  • Allocate tasks to specific workers
  • Working Environment | Wāhi mahi

    Resource planners typically work regular business hours in the office, but regularly travel to and around our Power Schemes and work sites.

    Factory work environment
    Tools and equipment icon

    Tools and Equipment | Taputapu

    Resource planners utilise a number of platforms like Maximo, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project to schedule work and manage resources.


    Most of the time resource planners wear regular business attire but they are often at work sites which require them to wear PPE.

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