Mataaro Pūhaka

Overview | He whakamārama

Mechanical engineers design, build, install and maintain the tools to produce and use power. They figure out ways to fix faults and keep machines running reliably and efficiently. So, if you were wanting a machine that can separate your potatoes from soil, a mechanical engineer is your go to.

The Work | Ngā mahi

As a mechanical engineer, you will:

  • Review and test new systems and machinery
  • Prepare asset management plans for machines or machine parts
  • Prepare and calculate estimates for projects
  • Ensure that machinery is operating safely, reliably, and efficiently
  • Use computer software to design and model plans
  • Working Environment | Wāhi mahi

    In the ever-evolving energy sector, no two days are the same. Working conditions for a mechanical engineer are typically project dependent. They work in and around our various power schemes. Mechanical engineers spend half their time on-site and half in the office.

    Factory work environment
    Tools and equipment icon

    Tools and Equipment | Taputapu

    Mechanical engineers work on a variety of machines and use many tools. Equipment includes design software, 3D printers, flashlight, a flow meter, and a calliper.


    Most of the time mechanical engineers wear steel cap boots, a hard hat and a pair of bright orange overalls to stay safe on the job. On office days, they wear casual office attire.

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