Mātai arowai

Overview | He whakamārama

Hydrology technicians provide specialist knowledge of water to support renewable energy generation. They are accountable for the reliability of hydrology networks and work to maximise the efficiency of renewable energy while working within the rules of NEMS (National Environmental Monitoring Standards).

The Work | Ngā mahi

As a hydrology technician, you will:

  • Monitor and manage bodies of water to ensure water quality and levels are satisfactory
  • Support wider teams to ensure that renewable energy generation is at full optimisation
  • Maintain hydrological data ensuring that all records are up to date
  • Undertake hydrological investigations
  • Create hydrological models predicting rainfall, river flows and water levels based off data and research
  • Working Environment | Wāhi mahi

    Hydrology technicians are based on-site at our Tokaanu Power Station and work regular business hours. They spend some time in the office but are also often off-site around the scheme carrying out monitoring. This role can also involve travel around our renewable energy schemes.

    Factory work environment
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    Tools and Equipment | Taputapu

    Hydrology technicians work with specialised equipment and data management software to monitor and document information.


    Hydrology technicians wear gumboots and sturdy work boots when they’re out of the office.

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