Kaitātari Raraunga

Overview | He whakamārama

Data Scientists collect and analyse data to identify trends. Using statistics and specialised software, data scientists help organisations solve problems and achieve their business objectives. Data scientists impact key decisions in a workplace. Working with data can be broad but it essentially boils down to extracting and compiling data to help make decisions and create meaningful change for people. As data is becoming an integral part of modern business, there is high demand for data scientists.

The Work | Ngā mahi

As a data scientist, you will:

  • Gather and apply data to software for analysis
  • Identify trends and patterns within data
  • Interpret data to gain insight into business models
  • Create written and visual reports for clients and stakeholders
  • Working Environment | Wāhi mahi

    Data scientists work regular business hours and are office based. Flexible working makes it possible for data scientists to work from home.

    Factory work environment
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    Tools and Equipment | Taputapu

    Data analytics work is done on a computer using various kinds of software platforms.


    Data scientists wear casual attire to the office.

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