Connecting power to your new home with Genesis

Building a new home can be stressful and time consuming, so we've made getting your gas and electricity easy. By choosing Genesis, you're getting your power from the company that works with a range of home builders from small to large, and connects more residential properties in New Zealand than anyone else.

Tell your builder to choose Genesis for a trusted and reliable power supply, or arrange your own connection by calling 0800 155 010

Build with the future-facing energy company

One of the most exciting things about building new is the opportunity to use the latest developments in technology. Now you can also connect through the power company with innovation at its heart. We're committed to developing the future of energy with our customers, and you can find out more about our latest products and services further down this page.

Take control with Energy IQ

Join Genesis, and you'll be able to download Energy IQ, our mobile app. With it, you'll have powerful tools to help you monitor, compare and predict your energy use.

Get alerts, with Bottled Gas Monitoring

Bring both your gas and electricity to Genesis, and you may be eligible for our latest Bottled Gas Monitoring technology. With it you'll receive automatic updates on how much gas you have remaining, and when to order a refill.

Trade Connections

Promptly get your electricity and gas sorted for your new building. Call us on 0800 155 010 to arrange a connection.
(Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm)