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Moving House

We'll take care of it for you

Wherever you’re moving to, let us know so we can make sure your power and/or gas are on when you get there.

  • Need electricity and gas? We offer electricity and bottled gas throughout New Zealand, and natural gas across the North Island.
  • Not sure when you’re moving? You can change the move-in or move-out date later. Just give us a call or chat with us live online.

Already a customer?

Manage your move in Energy IQ and keep great rewards like Power Shouts. If you're not an Energy IQ user, fill in our Move in a Minute form here.

Not a customer yet?

Move home with us and get offers & rewards. We’ve got a great energy solution to suit your needs.

One bill for all your energy

We're one of only a few energy retailers who can provide both electricity and gas on one bill!

Earn Flybuys

With New Zealand’s favourite loyalty programme, you can earn Flybuys for the energy you use.

Moved in but no power?

Check that your main switch is in the ‘ON’ position. If it is and you still have no power, give us a call.

Have some questions?

Moving house tips

Moving home checklist.

Preparation is key to successfully moving house. Use our checklist to make the big move as stress free as possible.

Cost of moving house.

Is it cheaper to move yourself or hire a moving company? Get the financials sorted for your move here.