Move to the Future 12 offer – Terms and conditions as at 16 February 2018

  1. To be eligible for the Move to the Future 12 Plan (" Offer"), you must
    1. Be either:
      1. a new Genesis residential electricity customer who commences supply before 31 May 2019; or
      2. an existing residential Genesis customer who is moving house before 31 May 2019 and signs up Genesis to supply electricity to the new property ; or
      3. an existing residential Genesis natural gas or LPG customer who commences supply of electricity before 31 May 2019;
    2. in relation to electricity (if applicable), be on a standard single-phase residential connection and not on an embedded network or on a 2 to 8kVa load group;
    3. sign up before 31 May 2019 to;
      1. a 12 month fixed term PricePark electricity plan at your primary residence (each a “ Plan”)
  1. The Offer includes fixed electricity prices (only the per unit variable charge and daily fixed charge are fixed) during the 12 month term of the Plan, which will commence, in the case of a new customer switching from a different retailer or existing Genesis customer moving house, from the date electricity supply commences at the new property (or existing property if a new customer is joining Genesis and not moving house).
  2. The Offer includes either:
    1. One Move to the Future Reward (“ Reward”). Once a Reward has been selected, it cannot be changed, of either:
      1. 1 x TP-LINK NC450 Pan/Tilt WiFi HD camera (plus a $50 bill credit if adding natural gas with Genesis); or
    2. A one-off bill credit of $100 (including GST) to be applied to your electricity bill (plus an additional one-off $50 bill credit if adding natural gas with Genesis Energy);
Eligibility, Exclusions, Termination and Expiry