LPG Terms and Conditions 

These are the terms of your relationship with Genesis Energy.

In remaining, or becoming, a Genesis Energy LPG customer, you and Genesis Energy agree to these terms and conditions, unless agreed
otherwise in writing.

These terms and conditions are a legally binding document between you and us.

These terms and conditions apply to LPG supplied to you by us and are effective from 14 February 2018. However, if you are an existing
Genesis Energy LPG customer on 14 February 2018, these terms and conditions will apply to you from 14 March 2018. These terms and
conditions replace any previous LPG terms and conditions we have with you.

Separate terms and conditions apply to any supply by us of electricity, reticulated LPG and reticulated gas to you.

Where we have used words in bold in these terms and conditions, they have a special meaning and are defined at the end of these terms and conditions.

If you wish to contact us, please:

2. How do you become a Genesis Energy LPG customer?
3. Rental of LPG equipment
4. What access do you need to provide?
5. Housing of the equipment
6. Delivery
7. Safety
8. How will we invoice you?
9. What fees and charges will you pay?
10. How do you pay your invoice?
11. Discontinuation of your LPG supply
12. How do you resume your supply?
13. What happens if you have a complaint?
14. What is Genesis Energy's liability for loss or damage?
15. Your liability
16. Can we change these Terms and Conditions?
17. Can you transfer your rights and responsibilities?
18. How will we contact you?
19. Getting LPG to you - Using the distribution company
20. What is the distribution company's liability for loss or damage?
21. No waiver
22. Meters and meter readings
23. Words we use in this agreement