Genesis Energy dividends

See our policy and approach for making dividend payments, when we intend to make them each year and the terms and amounts of any dividends we pay to our shareholders below.

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Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Genesis has established the Genesis Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“Plan”), offering you the opportunity to reinvest the net proceeds of your dividends on some or all of your existing Genesis shares in additional, fully paid Genesis Shares.

Offer Document

The Offer Document for Dividend Reinvestment Plan from Feb 2018 is available through the link below.

Participation Form

The Participation Form for Dividend Reinvestment Plan from Feb 2018 is available through the link below.

Our dividend policy

In determining dividends payable to shareholders, Genesis will comply with the solvency test specified in the Companies Act.

Under ordinary business circumstances, the dividend to be declared is determined by reference to Genesis’:

  • working capital requirements;
  • medium-term fixed asset expenditure programme;
  • investment in new business opportunities; and
  • risk profile, taking into account the sustainable financial structure for the business and considering predictions of short and medium-term economic and market conditions.

Subject to the above circumstances that, from year to year, may affect the quantum of dividend paid, it is Genesis’ intention to pay a dividend that provides shareholders with a consistent, reliable and attractive dividend.

In determining the actual level of dividends, Genesis aims to pay out between 70% and 90% of its free cash flow. Free Cash Flow is defined as EBITDAF less net interest paid less taxation paid less stay in business capital expenditure.

Genesis Energy intends to pay dividends semi-annually, typically in April and October of each year.

Dividend payments

Here's a summary of what we have paid in the past and future payments that have been announced:

DividendRecord datePayment dateAmount
2016 Final Dividend30 September 201614 October 20168.2 cents per share
2017 Interim Dividend30 March 201713 April 20178.2 cents per share
2017 Final Dividend29 September 201713 October 20178.4 cents per share
2018 Interim Dividend06 April 201820 April 20188.3 cents per share
2018 Final Dividend05 October 201819 October 20188.6 cents per share
2019 Interim Dividend04 April 201918 April 20198.45 cents per share
2019 Final Dividend17 October 201931 October 20198.6 cents per share
2020 Interim Dividend18 March 20201 April 20208.525 cents per share
2020 Final Dividend11 September 202025 September 20208.675 cents per share
2021 Interim Dividend18 March 20211 April 20218.6 cents per share
2021 Final Dividend24 September 20218 October 20218.8 cents per share

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