Huntly plant description

Currently, Huntly Power Station comprises the following units:

Unit 5 – 403MW (gas)

Huntly Power Station Unit 5 - Genesis Energy NZ

Huntly Unit 5 (previously known as e3p; Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project) uses natural gas as its fuel source, and is able to generate up to 403MW of electricity - enough to power approximately 400,000 households. The high efficiency gas – fired unit was commissioned in June 2007. The unit is a high-efficiency combined cycle generator consisting of three major components.

  • 250MW industrial gas turbine made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • HRSG or heat-recovery steam generator
  • 135MW steam turbine

Rankine units – Two 250MW units (gas/coal) with an additional 250MW unit in storage

Huntly Power Station Unit 1 - Genesis Energy NZ

The Rankine Units utilize boiler and steam turbine technology and are capable of using coal and gas to generate electricity. The two Rankine Units currently in service were commissioned between 1982 and 1985 and can each generate 250MW. These units have the capacity to operate in a range of roles, including Base-load, Hydro-firming and Peaking.

Unit 6 – 50.8MW (gas/diesel)

Huntly Power Station Unit 6 - Genesis Energy NZ

Unit 6 is a 50.8MW open cycle gas turbine, which was commissioned in 2004. This unit can burn 100% gas or diesel to generate electricity. Unit 6 is operated as a Peaking unit when wholesale electricity prices reach high levels or when it is economic to operate it over short periods.

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