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Huntly Power Station Monitoring - Genesis Energy NZ

Genesis Energy communicates its environmental performance with stakeholders on a regular basis.

Resource consents

In May 2012, 25 year resource consents were granted for the generation capacity at Huntly which secure the site's future as a long-term generation site of national significance. This reflects its critical role in supplying electricity and important ancillary services such as frequency and voltage support.


Compliance monitoring reports are produced in relation to a number of activities that are carried out at the Huntly Power Station. Some of the monitoring programmes are related to the resource consents and others are in response to community feedback.

Genesis Energy currently undertakes monitoring of:

  • Air quality
  • Terrestrial and aquatic vegetation
  • Groundwater quality
  • Dust
  • Treated process water discharges
  • Stormwater
  • Temperature of cooling water discharged to the Waikato River
  • River ecology including fish
  • Integrity of structure located within the Waikato River

Huntly Consultative Group meetings

The Huntly Consultative Group (incorporating West Mine Residents) meets on a regular basis, in the Seminar Rooms at the Huntly Power Station. The meetings are attended by local iwi, neighbours, members of the community and staff from various organisations such as the District and Regional Councils. These meetings function as an information forum for the local community allowing Genesis Energy to communicate with its stakeholders about various activities at the Huntly Power Station.

Further information and dates of future Huntly Consultative Group Meetings can be obtained from the Huntly Power Station on (07) 828 6800.

Environmental enhancement

Huntly Power Station Environmental Mitigation - Genesis Energy NZ

Genesis Energy has ongoing environmental enhancement responsibilites in relation to the consented activities at the Huntly Power Station. Currently Genies Energy is focusing on three enhancement projects within the local Waikato River catchment which are:

  • Eel enhancement site
  • Taipouri Island restoration
  • Waikato River bank restoration at Hopuhopu

Genesis Energy has also undertaken extensive planting around the Huntly Power Station site in order to reduce the visual impact of the station and the activities at the site on the surrounding environment.

Further information

Please contact our environmental team if you have a query regarding environmental management at Genesis Energy - [email protected]

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