What to do in a gas emergency or if you suspect a gas leak

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  • What to do in a gas emergency or if you suspect a gas leak

If you suspect a gas leak inside your property:

  • Turn off your gas supply, if it's safe to do so
    • To turn off your metered gas supply, turn the valve handle to horizontal (level with the ground). You may need a spanner to do this
    • To turn off your gas supply, turn the valve clockwise until it closes completely.
  • Remember to keep flames and cigarettes out of the room and away from the area
  • Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows
  • Don't touch any electrical appliances, including mobile phones, and don't turn any switches on or off as this may cause a spark
  • Evacuate the premises and use a phone away from the area to call Genesis on 0800 436 020
  • Remember to call us from a neighbouring property if possible, as your property may be unsafe to remain in.
  • If you are feeling unwell, including dizziness, nausea or headaches, it's important to visit your GP or hospital immediately. Tell them you may have been exposed to a gas leak
  • Do not turn your gas supply or appliances on again until a registered Gas Fitter has visited your property and ensured it is safe.

If you smell gas outside your property call 0800 436 020 and evacuate to a safe area upwind of the gas smell.

If there is a gas fire, call 111 immediately. For more information see gassafety.org.nz.

Other times you should quickly evacuate:

  • If you see bushes or shrubs around the base of your home that have browned unusually quickly you may have a leak.
  • If you smell gas and there are sparks or flames present, leave immediately.
  • If you hear gas "hissing" you potentially have a major leak, go outdoors immediately.
  • If your gas supply is inexplicably interrupted and it affects all appliances go outside and call your gas provider (Genesis customers should call on 0800 300 400 and press option 1).

In all circumstances relating to natural gas it is better to be safe than sorry.