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What does my power bill pay for?

When you get your energy bill, you'll see there are different parts that make up the total cost. 

In addition to the energy costs, everyone pays a small Electricity Authority Levy. This helps to fund the Electricity Authority's work to regulate the electricity industry. This is included in the section below titled 'other'.

You can find out more about how the electricity market in New Zealand works at the Electricity Authority.

Wholesale Costs (Generation) – 32%

This is the cost we pay for purchasing electricity.

Transmission and Distribution – 37.5%

The transmission and distribution costs required to build and maintain the power lines that transport electricity from where it is generated to your house.

This is a cost that Genesis pays Transpower and the regional lines companies.

Retail – 13%

This is what retailers like Genesis charge for providing services.

GST – 15%

This is Goods and Services Tax (15%). GST makes up 15% of the total bill price which includes GST.

Metering and Other – 4.5%

This is the cost of reading and maintaining your electricity meter.  

How to read and understand my bill

We know understanding your bill for the first time can be hard. But we're happy to help explain all the various charges and what everything means. Check out the relevant video below, or call us on 0800 300 400, our opening hour are Monday - Friday from 8am.

Energy Basic and Energy Plus plans: 

Understanding your Genesis Basic or Energy Plus plan

All other plans: 

Understanding your Genesis bill

To understand more about your home pricing plans please click here.