Understanding LPG and my bottled gas bill

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How the LPG market works in New Zealand

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) can be a great substitute for natural gas, especially in places where that fuel is difficult to affordably supply. Use of LPG is growing in New Zealand, but production is falling. Production might rise again if more LPG is discovered, or existing infrastructure can be improved, but this will not happen in the near term.

This means New Zealand needs to import some LPG from time to time. The price of imported LPG can be affected by factors like changes in international supply and demand, exchange rates, international trading conditions, the availability of alternative energy sources, and much more. 

Your bottled gas bill is made up of a number of components

Some of these include:

The fuel cost

This is the cost of the LPG in the bottles we supply to you. New Zealand is fortunate to produce most of its own LPG. However, as an international commodity, LPG prices are influenced by overseas pricing (just like meat and dairy). At Genesis, our plans are designed so that you are not exposed to fluctuations in domestic or international prices, to keep your costs more predictable. 

Distribution and operational costs

These costs include rail and ship transportation, labour and storage, road taxes and trucking, and maintenance and fuel.

This can be split into different parts of the journey of getting LPG to you:

  • The process of retrieving LPG from the source, and storing it.
  • Transporting LPG across the North and South Island to one of Genesis’ LPG Depots.
  • Hand-filling different sized LPG bottles and delivering these to you, using specially certified and constructed trucks.


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied to most goods and services sold in New Zealand, including LPG. Also, like many New Zealand companies, Genesis faces costs under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The ETS is part of New Zealand’s response to climate change. To find out more about the scheme visit: mfe.govt.nz/ets.

We are proud to have recently added four hybrid electric vehicle trucks to our fleet as part of our Sustainability Framework commitment to support New Zealand’s transition to a sustainable future.  

How do I manage my bill?

You can pay your bill in several ways, including via Energy IQ online or the app, setting up a payment plan with Control-a-bill, setting up recurring direct debit/credit card payment, using internet banking or setting up an automatic payment, over the phone or via NZ Post. For more help visit our ways to pay my bill FAQ here.

Genesis also provides a wide range of services to support those who are medically dependent, or who simply need help controlling and managing their bills. Find out more about our Vulnerable Care Package here.