Set up and change Auto-pay

What is Auto-pay

Auto-pay is the easy way to take care of your energy bill. With Auto-pay, you can pay your energy bill automatically by regular direct debit from your chosen bank account, or set up a recurring payment from your credit or debit card. This means you won’t have to worry about missing a payment, or have the hassle of paying your bill each month manually.

Auto-pay is built-in to our Energy Basic plans, and optional for our other plans.  With an Energy Plus plan, you’ll get a 2% discount for paying by direct debit, and a 1% discount for paying by recurring, variable credit or debit card.  Even better, we don’t charge any credit card fees on recurring payments for our Energy Plus plans.*

You can set up Auto-pay in the Energy IQ App or by calling us on 0800 300 400.

Auto-pay means you give us the authority to charge the amount due on your bill to your bank account or card each month.

*A transaction fee applies to all credit and debit card transactions for all plans other than Energy Plus plans, and to one-off credit and debit card transactions for Energy Plus plans.

Direct debit and credit card terms and conditions apply.

How do I make changes to my Auto-pay?

We can adjust:

  • Frequency of payment
  • Bank account you are paying from
  • Card you are paying from
  • Your payments from Control-a-bill to Recurring Payments
  • Or Recurring Payments to Control-a-bill

If you're on an Energy Plus plan you can set up, change, or remove Auto-pay at any stage in Energy IQ under “My Details”.

To set up or change your Auto-pay, chat with us and one of our Kiwi based crew will be able to help.

Direct debit and credit card terms and conditions apply.