Gas emergency or outage

Our faults and emergency crew are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Customers: 0800 300 400
Business Customers: 0800 600 900

  • Follow our emergency steps here
  • If there is any risk to people or property, call 111
  • Vacate the premises and ventilate the area  

Gas outage?

If you smell gas inside, get out immediately and leave doors open. See our steps to follow here.

No power?

Is your main switch turned on? (some properties have a mains switch in the meter box and the fuse box)

  • Have fuses in your fuse box blown?
  • Do your neighbour have power?
  • Are the streetlights on?
  • Has anyone seen or heard anything that may have impacted your power (if lines are down)
  • Have you received a notification about a planned outage?
  • If you have an Advanced Meter, is there a red light flashing on the meter? (if there is a flashing light then the outage is within your property)  

How do I get hold of the network company in my area?

Please click here to view fault numbers to call.