Do I need planning permission or other consents?

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Solar PV systems do not need generally require planning permission unless the property is a listed historic building or in a conservation area. Genesis does not install on heritage listed buildings. You will be responsible for obtaining any consents required for the installation of the System. If your home is on a cross-leased property, you may need consents from other property owners on the cross-lease and we recommend you discuss this with your cross-lease neighbours.

Most councils take the view that installing a solar PV system is energy work (like installing a heatpump) which means it is exempt from requiring a building consent. However, some Councils don’t. For example, we know Hamilton City Council requires a building consent, whereas Auckland Council, Tauranga City Council, Manawatu District Council, Wellington City Council, Nelson City Council, Christchurch City Council, and Dunedin City Council all allow the installation of solar PV systems without a consent. It is worth checking with your council. Heritage listed buildings or homes in heritage areas will most likely require a building consent.