Deceased Estates

Options available to manage account arrangements

Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy. But we’re here to help you with their energy account arrangements. 

We have several options available, which can be taken care of quickly and simply. 

Option 1: Transfer the energy account into a new name

If you wish to keep the energy on at the property, we can transfer the account into a new name. We only need a few details from the new account holder.

Option 2: Cancel the service

If energy supply is no longer needed at the property, we can arrange for the cancellation of the service, and send the final bill to the estate.

Option 3: Temporary supply

Or, if you need temporary supply at the property before the service is cancelled, we’re happy to help organise this too.

Can I make these changes?

To change the deceased customer’s account and power supply, you need to be authorised to act on their behalf. You could be:

  • A primary or joint account holder on the account
  • An executor of the deceased’s estate
  • The deceased’s solicitor
  • A trustee or business partner of the deceased.

If you’re not the primary account holder, then providing some written evidence will help us to make those changes quickly.

Get in touch with our friendly team to help manage the account.