Moving utilities

There are lots of things to consider when moving house. Transferring or setting up utilities in your new home should be at the top of the list.

Then you'll need to think about the other places where you should change your address like your telephone and broadband. It's a long list; let's break it down.

Moving home electricity and gas

Transferring your electricity or gas account to your new home and ensuring you are connected when you move in is critical to the house-moving process.

We've created the Genesis Home Move Hub to make it quick and easy to change the address for your electricity or gas account (if you're a Spark customer, you can transfer your broadband to your new address here too).

If you're not a Genesis customer but you'd like to be, it's simple to sign up here.

Connecting electricity

Connecting electricity to your new house is straightforward. Let us know your new address and the date you are moving in and we'll arrange for the transfer of electricity services to your new home. (You can also arrange to transfer the electricity bill to the new owner of your old home or disconnect its supply.)

Connecting gas

Moving utilities

If you're a fan of using gas for cooking, instant hot water or potentially better pressure in your shower, there are two ways you can get a gas connection with Genesis.

Natural gas connection

To see if natural gas (‘piped' gas) is available in your area click here to arrange the gas connection for your new home.

LPG bottled gas connection

If you're moving to an area that doesn't have natural gas, bottled gas (also known as LPG) could be right for you. If you're not familiar with bottled gas, check out our blog post about it here or click here to arrange a connection.

Are you on the best energy price plan?

Whether you're moving somewhere bigger or smaller, now is a good time to consider your energy usage. Are you on the right plan for your new home? Our website has everything you need to compare plans and pricing.

Next, see our tips for taming your energy hungry home.

Other utilities and places you need to notify

It can sometimes be a struggle to remember who you should tell when you move house. Here's a list of places you should change your address with.

  • Your energy supplier
  • Your home phone and/or broadband supplier
  • Your bank(s) and credit card providers
  • Insurance companies (home, car, medical etc.)
  • The council (for water supply, rates)  
  • NZTA (for car registration)  
  • The IRD
  • Your workplace, kids' schools and/or childcare
  • Your lawyer
  • People who provide local services such as lawn mowing, house cleaning or alarm monitoring
  • Any loyalty programmes you belong to
  • Doctor, dentist, vet and other medical practitioners
  • Places that you have accounts with e.g. hire purchase
  • Your gym or other clubs you belong to
  • Pay TV provider e.g. Sky TV
  • NZ Post if you want to get your mail redirected 

By taking care of the practicalities in advance, you can make the move for you and your family as stress free as possible. Now it's time to get packing!