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Gas Value Packages offer T&Cs for new customers

(Terms as at 1 December 2015 to 12 July 2016)

  1. To be eligible for the Gas Value Plans you must:
  • Be a new or existing Genesis Energy residential natural gas customer who is not currently on a Genesis Energy gas contract;
  • Sign up to a 12-month fixed term Gas Essentials, Gas Plus, or Gas Unlimited plan ("Plan"), which will commence from the start date of your Plan as shown on your Genesis Energy bill; and
  • Be able to provide Genesis Energy with access to your home for meter reading purposes.

If it is subsequently found that you do not meet the above eligibility criteria, Genesis Energy may remove you from the Plan. In those circumstances, subject to meeting Genesis Energy's acceptance criteria, you may be offered Genesis Energy's standard pricing for your network, pricing plan and meter type on its standard terms and conditions of energy supply.

  1. The Plan includes a flat monthly gas charge during the 12 month term for maximum annual consumption of:
  • 35 giga-joules or 9,722.22 kilowatt hours of gas on the Gas Essentials Plan;
  • 50 giga-joules or 13,889 kilowatt hours of gas on the Gas Plus Plan; or
  • Unlimited giga-joules of gas, subject to fair use, on the Gas Unlimited Plan.