You call the shouts

Power Shout is free electricity on us, with you deciding when is best for you to use it. It’s our way of saying thanks for being with us. Not with us? Join now.

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How Power Shout works

Power Shout hours give you the flexibility to enjoy free electricity anytime you like.* Save them up or spend them as you get them, the choice is yours. 

You can get a Power Shout in lots of ways like offers, prizes and even surprises being added to your balance.

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Make the most of your Power Shout

Our most-loved reward is certainly helping Kiwi families. As customer Paddy put it, “Free power when I need it, what’s not to love.”

What will you do?

Use a Power Shout to run the dryer on those pesky, wet days. Need a working bee? Get the leaf blower, water blaster and power tools going. The glory of Power Shout is that it’s for you to use however and whenever you like*.

Energy IQ

Download the app or access Energy IQ online so you can:

  • accept and book Power Shouts
  • manage your energy usage and pay your bill

Not with Genesis yet?

Join us today and your next shout will be on us. You'll also get:

  • our latest join offers
  • up to 11% in discounts (terms apply)
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Looking for a Power Shout?

Don't miss out!

  • 10+ Million Power Shout hours given to Genesis customers
  • Over 150,000 Genesis customers have enjoyed Power Shout hours

Get offers

Make sure you're signed up to receive promotional offers from us, so you don't miss out on your Power Shout offers and more. Sign up in Energy IQ.

Turn back the clock on your Power Shout

You can easily backdate the start of your Power Shout to the beginning of the hour you’re in. If it’s 7.21pm and your appliances have been on the go since 7pm, no worries. Pop into Energy IQ, and start your Power Shout booking from the hour you’re in. Your free power will begin from then.

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