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Plenty of benefits to make life sweeter.

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Offers and rewards

We’re all about rewarding our customers, and helping them take control of their energy use. Whether you're moving home or just want to switch power companies, we've got a great energy solution to suit your needs.

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Power Shout

A Power Shout is free electricity on us. It’s a gift to say thank you for being with Genesis.

Make the most of your Power Shout hours

Use a Power Shout to run the dryer on those pesky, wet days. Whānau over for lunch? Book a Power Shout to cook up a feast and run the dishwasher after. They're there for you to use however and whenever you like. Save them for up to 2 years, or spend them in one go, the choice is yours.

Got some questions?

First time using Power Shout? Need to change your booking? No trouble, we’ve got you covered with some helpful FAQs.

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Energy IQ

The one-stop, clever app to help you take control.

Your usage

You can predict how much energy you’ll be using up to a week ahead, with the help of Electricity Forecast. Or see your current usage on things like heating, hot water and lighting with Usage Breakdown.

Tips to save energy and money

With Energy IQ you have access to a range of tips to help you save energy and money.

Did you know by popping a thick, dry towel in your next load, items will dry faster as the towel will absorb moisture? Also avoid overloading the dryer, as clothes won’t tumble-dry properly.

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Energy Plus plan benefits

Join Genesis and get up to 11% off your bill plus great rewards on an Energy Plus Plan (terms apply).

Explore our products

We've got all your energy needs in one place.

Bottled gas

Bottled gas

Order bottled gas through our app in a few taps and get it delivered fast.

Natural gas

Natural gas

Instantly warm and cosy, and hot water always - check to see if natural gas is right for you.

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

Get bigger discounts when you combine your electricity and gas on one bill.



We power it all. Houses, flats, sleep-outs, new builds. Any place you want electricity, we'll turn it on.