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So, why choose us?

We put our energy into our customers which means knowing what they care about, like finding out where all their energy is going and how their consumption impacts the planet. Our customers constantly inspire us to look at new ways to create energy and better ways to manage it. Whether it’s through innovation, partnerships or empowering the next generation of Kiwi kids, we’re with you, for you – every step of the way.. so why not join us.

Girl and dog in the wind

Sustainability has never mattered more

We’re all making progress, but know there’s more to do.

Moving to a low-carbon future

We're enabling more renewable energy and exploring ways to decarbonise Aotearoa’s energy sector.

Got an EV? We got you…

Energy EV gives you 50% cheaper electricity rates at night*.

Low-carbon energy tracker

With Eco Tracker, you can check carbon emissions and plan your power usage when it’s better for the planet.


A more equal society

Supporting our tamariki and ensuring their homes are kept warm and toasty - just a couple of ways we love to help Kiwis.

Inspiring the next generation through School-gen

We've been providing educational resources to schools since 2006. It’s our aim to get young Kiwis interested in STEM, while learning about sustainability and energy, and gaining the knowledge they need for the STEM jobs of the future (*Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

Keeping warm with curtain banks

Keeping your home warm during winter in New Zealand is no easy task, which is why we support local curtain banks. Cosier, healthier and more toasty homes keeping families warm and power bills down.

Girl with leaf blower

Free power - anytime!

Book a Power Shout whenever you like. Jump on our app, book a slot and your power is free.

Girl in bathroom

Someone an energy guzzler?

Usage breakdown shows your home’s energy-hungry hotspots, putting the control in your hands.

Business customer support

We mean business

Energy usage varies for different-sized businesses, so we offer plans to suit everyone. Big or small. Talk to us.

George and her family

Introducing...George and her family

Meet George and her family

They're like a lot of Kiwi families. They argue over 'someone' leaving the lights on, and 'someone' leaving the fridge door open. They care about each other and know they want to do better for the planet. That's why they use our Energy IQ app to help you make smarter, more sustainable energy choices. Take a look and see if you know the 'someone' in your home. 

All the energy, all the time

No matter what fuel type you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Bottled gas

Bottled gas

Order bottled gas through our app in a few taps and get it delivered fast.

Natural gas

Natural gas

Instantly warm and cosy, and hot water always - check to see if natural gas is right for you.

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

Get bigger discounts when you combine your electricity and gas on one bill.



We power it all. Houses, flats, sleep-outs, new builds. Any place you want electricity, we’ll turn it on.