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Usage Breakdown and other great tools

Every household has a 'someone' – someone who never quite remembers to turn the light off, or someone who cranks up the heating when they could just grab a blanket. Our Usage Breakdown tool helps you keep your 'someone' in check. Find it either in the app or online

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Get the most from Energy IQ

There's lots you can do in Energy IQ. Order bottled gas in two taps and then track its delivery just like a courier.

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Use power when it's green

Check carbon emissions from electricity generation and electricity demand with Eco Tracker to help plan your power use.

Someone having long hot showers?

It's hard to keep track of your home's energy usage but with Usage Breakdown our customers can see where their energy is going.* This allows them to make smarter energy choices, putting the control in their hands.

Plan your usage

Predict how much energy you’ll be using up to a week ahead, with the help of Electricity Forecast^.

Tips to save energy and money

With Energy IQ you have access to a range of tips to help you save energy. Here’s a sneak peek.

Top tip one

Add a dry towel to the dryer

Pop a thick, dry towel in your next load, items will dry faster as the towel will absorb moisture. Also avoid overloading, clothes won’t tumble-dry properly.

Top tip two

Recycle firewood ash

Compost is naturally acidic, so wood ash is a great addition to your compost bins, plus it adds calcium. Lightly sprinkle a layer of ash as you build up green and brown layers. Be careful to just sprinkle it though – too much will ruin it.

Top tip three

What a rock star!

A customer told us they painted rocks in their backyard with glow-in-the-dark paint. They absorb sunlight during the day and give their garden a soft light through the evening.

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The small print about Energy IQ features

Access to Home Comparison, Electricity Forecasting and Usage Breakdown* is dependent on your meter type and other factors. If you qualify for these features, you’ll see them in the app.

^ Electricity Forecast is not an actual reading but an estimate of your variable costs and daily fixed charges. Actual usage and amounts may vary.

*Usage Breakdown is estimated based on your smart meter data and Home Profile. Eligibility criteria:

  • Must have an electricity smart meter with 1/2 hourly data.
  • Mandatory questions of the home profile must be completed in Energy IQ.
  • At least 30 days of electricity usage data for 'lite' version (high level breakdown only).
  • At least one year’s worth of electricity usage data for 'full' version.