Solar power

Run on sunlight, we’ll show you how.

Solar panels at sunrise

Will solar energy work for you?

Solar is about using the power of the sun to power your home - you can also sell the electricity you generate back to the grid.

If you answer yes to most of these questions and you own the house, then a solar power system could be a good option.


Is someone home during the day?

Solar generates energy during daylight hours. Is someone at home to use it?


Do you have electric hot water?

This can be up to 30% of your energy bill and works well with solar.


Is your roof in good condition?

Solar panels last up to 25 years. Will your roof last that long?


Does your roof get enough sunlight?

Limited shade and north facing work best but east and west can work too.

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The power of a battery

Adding a battery to your solar power system means you can draw on the electricity that you generate during the day to use later. This should cut your electricity bill down further.

Genesis-approved installers offer a range of up-to-date battery solutions and technologies. They’ll help sort the best option for you.

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Sell your solar electricity back with HomeGen

HomeGen is when you sell the electricity you generate back to the grid. You get 12 cents per kWh exported to the grid and this appears as a separate credit on your bill.*

It’s available to customers with approved generation equipment installed (solar, wind or micro-hydro) who have less than a 50 kW output.

To get set up for HomeGen, you also need an import/export meter. This costs $127 including installation. To order your meter and get paid for your excess solar electricity, please fill out our HomeGen application form.

Curved solar roof for Emirates Team New Zealand

Powering Emirates Team New Zealand

We raised the roof - a Kiwi first

How we helped power Emirates Team New Zealand

Innovative technology has always been Emirates Team New Zealand's ethos - so we took powering them to a new level by installing curved solar panels to their Auckland base.

Commitment to sustainability allowed us to push the boundaries of energy production and design on this job. This roof was the first of its kind in New Zealand (this size) and provided inexhaustible energy - just like the winning crew. Watch how it came to life.

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Bottled gas

Order bottled gas through our app and get it delivered fast. A few taps and it’s on its way. You can track the delivery too.

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Electric vehicles

An EV, smart choice. Take advantage of our Energy EV plan to get power 50% cheaper at night plus a load of other benefits.

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